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Benefits to Buying Vinyl Records

Vinyl records have been used and appreciated for many years. They were out prior to the CD, which after that was changed with the ability as well as comfort of downloading and install an MP3. There are so lots of advantages to returning to being traditional and listening to plastic records.

Musician’s Survival Guide For The Road Warrior – Part II – Things To Do On The Road

When you are spending a great deal of break when traveling, away from residence, winter blues as well as nostalgia can set in quite quick. I really hope to provide some ideas to make your time far from house a lot more pleasurable as well as manageable. We (my husband and I) typically had our three toddlers with us when we got on excursion, which made being caged in a hotel area a lot more challenging. The following pointers are several of the tasks we used to breakup the dullness of being on the road. Allow’s begin:

Musician’s Survival Guide For The Road Warrior – Part I – Basic Tips

4 years ago my band was playing regional jobs in Utah. Because of Utah’s strange alcohol regulations as well as cocktail lounge limitations it was basically a costly hobby. We decided to concentrate on writing as well as tape-recording initial songs to send of state, when suddenly we were provided some gigs in Wyoming that paid greater than double what Utah clubs were paying, plus lodging and also food. We determined to postpone the original task in order to make some money. Little did we understand that this offer would become four years of touring.

Ten Songs That Will Keep Rock Drummer Griffin Alive for Fans

Just under a week after the legendary David Bowie caught cancer cells, glam rock fans needed to bid excellent farewell to Dale “Buffin” Griffin. The drummer for Mott the Hoople, whose greatest hit “All the Young Dudes” was written by David Bowie himself, passed away on January 17, 2016 at age 67. Lion had actually been detected with Alzheimer’s back in 2009, a condition he poignantly reviewed from then till his death recently.

The 5 Tips That Could Make Your Music Recording Successful at Home

Recording a tune in your home is something that can be done easily. Having the essential tools and with pertinent abilities can make an excellent recording without the visibility of professional recording workshops.

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