Antonio Fresco – Light It Up (Original Mix)


This is my new song called “Light It Up” which I am giving to you, only if you like it, LOL!

You can download it by clicking the link below, and be sure to leave a comment and subscribe to my channel before you hit PLAY AGAIN! 😉



Give Your Party Great Memories With A Musical Band

Now when you have comprehended the importance of great music, next inquiry emerges just how do you pick? Do you need a DJ or an online band? Just how much will you invest?

Advantages of Choosing Wedding DJ Hire Over a Live Band

As you plan your big day, among the large choices you are mosting likely to need to make is whether to employ a band or consider a wedding event DJ work with service. There are advantages to both as well as many brides really have a hard time in making a decision, but there are a couple of things you need to know prior to you make your final choice.

How to Find the Best Party DJ Hire

Working with a party DJ is a wonderful method to bring amusement to any sort of event, whether you’re commemorating your birthday, anniversary or you are in the process of preparing a company occasion as well as you desire everyone to enjoy. As with hiring a band, you will find that there are different kinds of disc jockeys, some will certainly have much more experience than others, some will certainly be more outgoing than others as well as regrettably, some will be dull and will not help in obtaining the celebration started.

Unsung Musical Heroes Pt1

I intend to touch on songs’s unsung heroes. The artists that, either throughout their lifetimes, or maybe never ever, got the acknowledgment they was entitled to. The majority of us, at one time one more, have actually joked regarding Ringo Starr. Starr was not a negative drummer, but he really hit the music lotto when he was asked to sign up with The Beatles. If Starr had never joined The Beatles, we would have never listened to of Ringo Starr. But have you ever believed concerning the reverse instance? What about excellent musicians that were entirely ignored? Fame as well as correct acknowledgment appeared to thwart them, either in their very own life time, or completely. In some cases it was since they were in the shadow of other well-known musicians. Often, it simply took time and also rediscovery to recognize the ability that they actually had.

Should I Pay for Piano Lessons?

Certainly the question might have pertained to your mind that exactly how much it can cost you for piano lessons. Some individuals are committing their valuable time and dedicating their monies on music colleges trying to find out piano however little did they know that the lessons can be taken for complimentary.

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