Antonio Fresco Show #017

Hey! Welcome to another episode of The Antonio Fresco Show. I hope this mix finds you in great spirits. Sit back and get ready to experience a great ride into the world of electronic dance music!
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00:51 – DJ Kur3 – Golosa (Original Mix)
04:21 – Lukas Celik – Fight (Original Mix)
07:35 – Greg House & Golden Fingers – 2K Followers (Original Mix)
11:57 – Jason Jet – Take Me With You (TRK MRK Edit)
15:32 – Kezra – Rock The Bass (Original Mix)
18:22 – Dusmek & Dazed – Atmosphere (Original Mix)
22:01 – MADMATT – Riot
25:26 – Joseph.N – New Life (Original Mix)
29:48 – Electrozart – No Rules
33:03 – TRP – Get That (Original Mix)
36:30 – WilliamSSA – Nova (Original Mix)
39:22 – LETAW – Kick Start (Original Mix)
43:38 – Shocker – Camelot (Original Mix)
47:22 – Antonio Fresco – Light It Up (Original Mix)




Tips to Becoming a Mobile DJ

Have you constantly had an interest for music as well as are constantly the one at parties in charge of keeping the songs going? Possibly you’ve thought of including it to your day-to-day life, being a mobile DJ for parties, weddings as well as more, however where do you begin?

What to Consider When Looking for Party DJ Hire?

Employing a disc jockey for your next event isn’t as easy as you might think. While there are hundreds of individuals and business supplying event DJ services, you require to know you are selecting the ideal kind of person who will certainly have the personality as well as abilities to obtain everybody up and also on the dancing floor.

Pharrell Williams – A Quality Judge Added to The Voice Who Has Character and Class

Pharrell Williams is a multi-talented vocalist, songwriter, artist and record producer. He has numerous Grammy awards from 2003 to the present. He is a starting member of two groups that produce and document. They are as The Neptunes as well as N.E.R.D. He has actually produced several tunes with musicians such as Justin Timberlake, Snoop Canine, as well as Madonna.

The Gal With the Golden Git Knocks ’em Dead With a Killer Workshop On Guitar Care

The British female counterpart to James Bond, Jody Love, knocks ’em dead with a killer workshop on guitar care. But reports cut loose: Is there a weapon in her guitar case? Is she truly an assassin for the Queen? Does she have a certificate to kill? This is an imaginary tale with some actual advice on exactly how to look after your guitar.

Throwback: OPM Bands and Their Songs

That states that just an old photo of you can be throwback? OPM Bands and also their tunes likewise should have to be throwback! Whether you are a 70s, 80s, 90s or 2000s baby, we can all still really feel nostalgic whenever we hear those songs from the past. Below are some OPM Bands and their famous tracks that will certainly forever have an effect on us.

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