Antonio Fresco Show #019

Welcome to another mix of The Antonio Fresco Show, featuring some of the best in electronic dance music.
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00:50 LETAW – Kick Start (Original Mix)
04:43 JAXZO – Bass In Yo Face (Original Mix)
08:37 DJ Kur3 – Golosa (Original Mix)
12:04 Jason Jet – Take Me With You (TRK MRK Edit)
15:17 Kezra – Rock The Bass (Original Mix)
18:13 Fiuu x Fiuu – Galactic XV
22:35 Shocker – Camelot (Original Mix)
26:13 Wou – Broken Mind (Original Mix)
30:13 MADMATT – Riot
33:48 Dusmek & Dazed – Atmosphere (Original Mix)
37:02 Lukas Celik – Fight (Original Mix)
40:17 Joseph.N – New Life (Original Mix)
44:39 Antonio Fresco – Light It Up (Original Mix)
48:44 Electrozart – No Rules




Music Review: The Siegel-Schwall Reunion Concert

Please appreciate this review of the CD established at the 1987 get-together of Siegel-Schwall. This blues band was created in 1964. They created two of my all-time favored cds: The Siegel-Schwall Band in 1967 and State Siegel Schwall in 1968. Siegel-Schwall separated in 1974 so I rejoiced to locate this get-together CD.

The Clash – “Give ‘Em Enough Rope” Doesn’t Get Enough Credit

Hard rock is really struck or miss occasionally, as well as no cd is extra noticeable than the Clash’s 2nd record. “Offer ‘Em Sufficient Rope” was expected to be a substantial document for the magnificent punkers, yet when they selected Sandy Pearlman for the manufacturer, things appeared to change a little and the hard rock community let the band have it. In spite of moans as well as gripes from followers, the band went in advance as well as still made the record and it is quite the success, even if it really did not have the immediate impact that their very first or succeeding documents hereafter one had.

Ten Pop Songs That Are Unintentionally Frightening

A write-up on the Yahoo major web page on October 29 detailed the 10 most frightening bands. The only two that made the list from my childhood are Kiss (# 3) and also Black Sabbath (# 1). Though I liked both bands, I can not remember having actually been terrified of either of them.

Home Recording Studio Microphone Basics

Purchasing a residence tape-recording workshop microphone for the very first time can be overwhelming. This short article will offer you an accident course in microphone fundamentals. It covers the vital information you require to make an audio decision concerning the best microphone for your recording requires. We’ll go over transduction, videotaping studio microphones of different kinds, microphone frequency feedback, and polar patterns.

Indie Rock Bands, Then and Now

I keep in mind the indie rock bands from 25 years ago. Indie music had a “sound” and also nowadays, that’s just no longer the case. The skill pool has actually grown and obtained better, and also if you’re a follower of Hard Rock and Option music then you can be certain to discover some complete satisfaction in the music of Independent Artists these days.

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