BEST TRANCE 2021 APRIL (Emotional Trance Mix)

TranceForLife: TOP 20 TRANCE 2021 April – New Trance Mix
00:00 Andy Moor – Safe On Both Sides (Extended Mix)
06:03 Armin van Buuren & Maor Levi – Divino (Extended Mix)
10:03 Robert Nickson – Sundown (Extended Mix)
16:50 Jeremy Vancaulart feat. Danyka Nadeau – Hurt (Millennial Extended Remix)
20:38 Coast 2 Coast feat. Discovery – Home (Maarten de Jong Extended Remix)
25:20 Craig Connelly feat. Megan McDuffee – Keep Me Believing (Extended Mix)
31:08 Lange & Sarah Howells – Out of the Sky (Chris Schweizer Extended Remix)
36:17 Markus Schulz & HALIENE – Tidal Wave (Will Atkinson Extended Remix)
42:14 XiJaro & Pitch And Corrado Baggieri – Ode To The Fallen (Extended Mix)
47:09 Aaron Sim – Right Of Way (Extended Mix)
51:47 Matt Bukovski – Survival (Extended Mix)
56:18 Midway – Amazon (Allen Watts Extended Remix)
1:00:29 Dennis Sheperd x Sunlounger – I Can Feel (Giuseppe Ottaviani Extended Remix)
1:05:27 Kaimo K & Elles de Graaf – Made of One (Extended Mix)
1:10:29 Cold Blue – Bliss (Will Rees Extended Remix)
1:15:45 Alan Morris – Spirit (Extended Mix)
1:20:09 Richard Durand & Christina Novelli – Save You (Cold Blue Extended Remix)
1:25:08 Billy Gillies – Starlab (Extended Mix)
1:30:37 Rene Ablaze & Sarah de Warren – The One (Extended Mix)
1:35:15 Raz Nitzan & Kate Louise Smith – This Time (Last Soldier Extended Mix)

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