Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music pres. In The Round Spain

Our latest In The Round episode with Ballantine’s took place at Barcelona’s iconic Fundació Joan Miró & featured the inimitable powerhouse of Spanish rap — Mala Rodriguez. Here, she discusses how the pandemic has affected Spain’s burgeoning music scene, plus you can catch an exclusive performance of her new track “Se Le Tiene”.

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When To Start Playing The Piano

Out of every one of the various tools that your youngster can play, the piano is possibly the most prominent. It can not only aid to introduce your youngster to a globe of music, it can also provide a far better sense of wellness along with aiding to define their motor abilities in variety of different methods.

What Are the Musical Notes? The Secrets to the Musical Alphabet

Prior to playing any instrument, it is necessary to start learning the language of music. Like every language, the initial step is constantly to discover the alphabet. Right here are some interesting insights behind the musical alphabet as well as language

What Are Chords: Unlocking the Keys to Any Song

Chords are the foundation of all music. Recognizing what they are and exactly how to play them is the crucial to being able to learn any type of song within a couple of minutes. Without chords, it can days, also weeks to find out brand-new tracks. Know your chords, as well as you can discover a song within an hour, if not within minutes.

6 Tips for Open Mic Success

In this write-up you were learn 6 practical suggestions for enhancing your open mic performances. Whether you are a beginner or advanced entertainer, these ideas will assist you.

History of Bagpipes

The Great Highland Bagpipes are identified all over the world by both their appearance and also their audio. Typically connected with Scotland, the pipes as we know them today did not originate in Great Britain nor did they look as they do today. This short article checks out some of the history behind the bagpipes.

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