Boiler Room x Valentino: “Kill Me With Your Love” by CIFIKA

As 2020 draws to a close, we’ve commissioned a two-part conceptual performance video series in collaboration with Maison Valentino. Part I: South Korean singer and producer CIFIKA performs “Kill Me With Your Love” in open-air isolated Seoul.

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The Secrets to Great Vocal Recording: What to Do Before Recording Your Songs

Among the secrets to a wonderful singing recording is the ability to hit the ideal notes so make certain you nail your vocals and share the appropriate emotions right into your tracks. To boost your opportunities of getting favorable outcomes, here are some points you need to do before also stepping into the studio to videotape your tracks.

Tips in Piano Fingering, Hand Position, and Body Posture

Novices to piano lessons must develop specific habits ready their hands and also fingers over the keys, as well as keeping an excellent resting position before the piano. Each finger is viewed as a number as well as transferring their weight from arms to fingertips brings about a more powerful piano method.

My Experience Of DJs At Night Clubs And Parties

As the title states, this write-up has to do with my experiences of DJs in Night Clubs & events in the UK. It is an insightful as well as amusing view on the topic.

How to Get an American Idol Audition

Do not ignore the value of the few secs you enter an American Idol tryout. Even thirty seconds of display time in the tryout can set the phase for your future occupation. So how do you obtain a tryout?

Oh Yeah! Ash – A Love Affair Spanning a Lovely 19 Years

An individual love event with the famed pop-punk trio. Downpatrick, Northern Ireland’s best export.

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