Craig Connelly Live from EDC Las Vegas 2019

This was undeniably the biggest and most amazing show of my whole career. The arena filled up pretty much immediately, full of amazing fans who shared the experience with me. Thank you so much for coming down early to watch me play, so grateful.

This sounds a bit crazy and silly to admit but when I was 16 I used to have my decks setup in my bedroom and stare at the wall in front of me while mixing and pretend there was a huge crowd right there before my eyes. I kinda remembered this last night while playing and realised my vision has come true and I was doing exactly what I had always dreamed of.
I could never had done it without the support of the people around me, and coincidentally most of them were there last night watching me too, wether they’re part of my team now or other acts/DJ’s I’ve worked with in the past, and of course Allana. So thanks to them for all for the doors they opened and paths they laid before me. Pasquale and Jeff too for making the best fucking festival in the world.

And most of all thanks to anybody that has listened to or remotely gave a shit about the music I make, I have the dream job and will continue to make the music you all love for as long as I can. Nothing makes me more happy.


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