Emotional Uplifting & Vocal Trance Mix December 2020 (Episode 14)

TranceForLife – Emotional Uplifting Trance Mix 2020 (New Trance Mix)

00:00 Hiddeminside – Timeless (Greg Dusten Remix)
05:06 LTN & Christina Novelli – I’d Go Back (Rinaly Extended Remix)
10:12 Semitoo & Marc Korn feat. Ancalima – Ready for Someday (Van Der Karsten Extended Remix)
14:24 Shedona – Eternita (Extended Mix)
19:55 Talla 2xlc – Destiny (Extended Mix)
25:01 Susana – Dark Side of The Moon (Ferry Tayle Extended Mix)
31:02 Wayf4rer – Exodus (Original Mix)
35:41 Allburn & Ria Ananda – Frozen Time (Extended Mix)
40:05 Kenny Palmer – Sen’jin (Extended Mix)
45:11 Steve Dekay & H.M.B.L. – Lyria (Extended Mix)
49:43 Madwave & Shedona – Key Of Life (Extended Mix)
54:49 N-sKing – Fantastic Moon (Original Mix)
1:00:02 DJ T.H. & Shuba – Paradise (Original Mix)

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