Faith presents: Norman Jay and Melvo Baptiste – Good Times; A family Affair

Faith presents Norman Jay’s Good Times Classics playlist:

Faith Summer Issue Out Now:

Norman Jay’s Good Times was an institution. THE destination for those going to Carnival. From the mid-day soulful and jazz sounds the tone was always perfectly set. When the sun shone, there was no better place to be on August bank holiday than on the corner of West and Southern Row.

Norman fused traditional Jamaican roots and reggae, the hardest of funk, jump up jungle, London rare groove and soul boy anthems, the most uplifting of vocal House, breakbeats, raw 80s Hip Hop and the smoothest of disco.

Expertly pieced together and always eclectic, you never knew what would be next. The was a message in the music and it always made you dance.

For our Summer issue we put Norman and his nephew Melvo Baptiste together to talk about those Carnival days; the history of Good Times, the records that define it and its inspiration on Melvo, a DJ, broadcaster and label A&R in his own right.

Not content with this we just had to get Norman to do us a playlist inspired by those equally classic Good Times compilations.

So just in time for August Bank Holiday we’ve updated our playlist with Norman’s Good Times classics and edited together a short section of their conversation for your enjoyment.



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