Flashback to #ASOT1034

Elvis Presley’s Love: Priscilla or Ann-Margaret?

A few days into production on “Girl Happy,” Ann-Margret came to check out Elvis on the collection. We were shooting all night on the back great deal of MGM, famous for lots of classic motion pictures returning to the golden age of Hollywood.

My Best Pinback Songs Ever – From A Musician

Pinback are a band with a very solid, long-lasting, musically-inclined fan base. Individuals love the distinct mix of experimentation in their tunes. I present these, what I consider The Finest Pinback Tunes.

Springsteen Dreams

Springsteen dreams up a wonderful cd. It’s part rock-n-roll, component Americana, as well as all Bruce (and the E Street Band).

Some Of The Best Albums Of The Last Ten Years

It’s difficult to say ‘the ideal cd’ without creating a debate … which can be fun! But below are a few of the most effective that you may have forgotten.

Colin Hay: Colin Back Into the Light

Some voices never really go away (as well as rightly so). I was resting at a garage sale the various other day, as well as my sister-in-law had some cool stuff presenting of her mp3 player, which was rigged up to some big stereo audio speakers in the drive-way. So there I was, cooking my minds, when in the rear of my mind I assumed ‘male, I understand that voice.

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