Gryffin: ❄️ Chill Nation Legacy Mix ❄️ | Chill Mix

Gryffin: ❄️ Chill Nation Legacy Mix ❄️ | Chill Mix

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Watch the official Safe With Me dance video:

00:00:00 Safe With Me (w/ Audrey Mika)
00:03:21 All You Need To Know (w/ SLANDER & Calle Lehmann)
00:07:11 Out Of My Mind (w/ ZOHARA)
00:10:05 Cry (w/ John Martin)
00:13:37 If I Left The World (w/ MARINA & Model Child)
00:16:50 Tie Me Down (w/ Elley Duhé)
00:20:21 Love In Ruins (w/ Sinead Harnett) (Zikomo Remix)
00:23:15 Body Back – Last Drop (w/ Maia Wright) (Lokii Remix)
00:24:50 You Remind Me (w/ Stanaj) (Nora Van Elken Remix)

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