Honey Dijon – Beatport x Absolut NYE 2020 Global Celebration – Berlin | @Beatport Live

We hit the start button on 2021 with Honey Dijon live from Berlin, Germany to #DanceAway2020! @AbsolutVodka brings the party to you this year for a NYE unlike any other 🎉🍹🎉🍹

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So You Want to Play a Cover Song on YouTube?

I have a few videos on YouTube of my original songs and I’m getting some views from my dedicated followers, however I’m not getting any new fans from those video clips. Mainly because nobody recognizes who I am. So I determined to go the path of playing a cover song for my YouTube network. So to attempt and also obtain new fans I chose to tape a video of myself carrying out the song “Rolling Rock” by Bob Dylan. I do not like to hypothesize, but I’m pretty sure that a lot of individuals on YouTube that do covers simply record the tune and upload it on their channel. I such as to follow the policies (most of the moment) so I had to discover the proper way of having the ability to tape-record this song. There are licenses included and also I do not intend to upset off Mr. Dylan as well as his people. So what are the regulations to effectively tape a cover for YouTube?

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