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Carl Frederick Becker: The Dean of American Violinmaking

The 17th and 18th centuries created the Stradivariuses. Yet the 20th and 21st centuries had the Chicago violinmaker Carl Fredrick Becker.

Why Mirecourt, France Is the Bow Making Capital of the World

The discovery of the New Globe brought thriving trade in Brazillian Pernambuco timber to Miracourt – establishing a legacy of great bowmaking Mirecourt, France is renowned for 2 things: Violin and also stringed instrument bow making, as well as the making of fine shoelace. That is as real today as it was in the 16th century.

Folk Fiddles and Rattlesnake Rattles

The area of the violin in capitals of Appalachia and also on the levels of Texas, as well as along several factors in between, is among excellent social splendor. Prior to electronically videotaped music, the fiddle was perhaps the only source of music readily available to the commoner. There might not have actually been a “name” violin manufacturer in Kentucky, no Stradivarius in South Carolina, as well as no great cellos or violas made in Tennessee. However whether through roaming Roma (gypsy) performers as well as vendors, or later from the Sears catalogue, those fiddles located their method to the churches, dancehalls, institutions and barns of the old South. As well as people danced.

An Overview of American Violinmaking Schools

Luthiers practice a craft that stems from the old schools of Italy, Germany as well as France, yet numerous schools for stringed tool making remain in the United States. Regardless of the omnipresence of produced violins from China, in spite of the decades of abilities development that luthiers have to have before coming to be a “name” violin maker, and also no matter the extreme tedium needed of the craft, there still are individuals who wish to and ultimately enjoy making great violins, violas and cellos. Indeed, accomplished as well as ambitious violinists, cellists, bassists and violists will …

The Suzuki Method Approach to Learning Violin

An established Japanese violinist researching in Germany was discouraged that youngsters can discover the language faster than adults. However it birthed a suggestion. Youngsters discover to speak prior to they have the ability to review. So should beginner violinists learn how to produce music before they are able to read songs?

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