Korolova – Live @ Radio Intense Ukraine 16.02.2021 / Melodic Techno & Progressive House DJ Mix

New Progressive House & Melodic Techno DJ mix by Korolova @ Radio Intense
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Radio Intense:

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Enjoy best music, on Radio Intense and watch full dj set, live acts from our broadcasting studio, festival, nightclub. Dj mixes in techno music, house, progressive house, deep house, indie and other genres. Mix of livestream, records, podcast, official video premiere 2020 for clubbing lovers for free. Live @ Radio Intense. Help us build tracklist for each dj mix in comments.

Radio Intense is a streaming platform dedicated to promoting artists, venues & electronic dance music.
With regular live streams of DJ sets including a wide range of new electronic music (Techno, House, Progressive, Melodic techno, Minimal techno, Tech-House, Trance), our ambition is to bring our audience as close as possible to their favorite artists.
We providing recordings of DJ mixes from nightclubs and festivals.

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Дане відео містить об’єкти авторського права і суміжних прав – ремікси, у виконанні Діджея, які є похідними творами, згідно зі ст. 1 ЗУ «Про авторське право і суміжні права». Використання авторських творів відбувається в розумінні статті 21 пункту 9 1 ЗУ «Про авторське право і суміжні
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Запис даного відео з Діджеєм не носить комерційний характер, а створено з метою популяризації діджейського мистецтва.

This video contains objects of copyright and related rights – remixes, performed by DJ, which are derived works, according to Art. 1 of the Law of Ukraine “On Copyright and Related Rights”. The use of copyrighted works occurs within the meaning of Article 21 of clause 9-1 of the Law of Ukraine “On Copyright and Related Rights” and provides for a work free from payment with the designation of the name of the author. All responsibility for the content of the remixes, the legality of their creation, and the correctness of the instructions of the authors and the titles of the original works on the basis of which the remixes were created, lies with the author and the performer of the remixes, and not with the owner of this video. Placing this video does not carry the purpose of violating the rights of third parties. The recording of this video with a DJ is not commercial, but was made with the aim of popularizing DJ art.

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