@KygoMusic live from @FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO DE LA CIUDAD DE MÉXICO 2021 with @Heineken

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We are partnering with @Heineken to livestream an exclusive performance from Norwegian super producer @KygoMusic from the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez for @FORMULA 1 in Mexico City.

Tune in via Beatport Youtube or Twitch on Sunday 7th November at:
1pm Los Angeles | 3pm Mexico City | 10pm Amsterdam

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Mardi Gras Inspired Music Monday

For many years, I have actually developed certain traditional New Orleans Carnival traditions of my own (as the majority of people in this town do). I am what you call a “ball-goer.” I try to attend as a lot of the large carnival rounds as I can. In 2008, I ate a mass quantity of power drinks as well as couple of thousand diet regimen cokes, which gave me with the endurance to make an appearance at the huge 3: the Endymion Extravaganza, the Bacchus Sphere, as well as the Orpheus Orpheuscapade. I’m still functioning off that hangover.

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Tale has it, Steve made a public wager with Frankie Laine that he might write 50 tracks each day for one week. They sweetened the wager by betting a grand and sharing the experience with fans of the tv program by taking it to the road. Both performers set up a workspace in the home window of some songs store in Hollywood as well as made up away, for all the audiences to see.

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