London Unlocked at the Royal Albert Hall: Bradley Zero, Shy One, Skream & Crazy D | @Beatport Live

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London Unlocked takes us to the Royal Albert Hall, one of the most architecturally breathtaking venues in London. Turning 150 years old this year, the RAH continues in its vibrant tradition of presenting world class musicians on one of the most sought after sound stages in the world.

Taking to the stage first at 6pm will be Rhythm Section鈥檚 Bradley Zero telling the story of the London club sound: from hardcore to garage via an upbeat selection of soulful house and broken beat. From 6.50pm Shy One the DJ and producer that is so respected for her masterful eclecticism. From 7.50pm Skream and Crazy D bring dubstep to the Royal Hall for the first time playing an exclusive set of brand new 140 productions with a firm nod to the genre鈥檚 formative years.

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