Lost Treasures ~ Progressive Culture

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Year: 2001
DJ Mix: Doc Fabian
Label: Guardian Angel (Guardian 16)

1.) Synapses – Redemption (0:00 – 5:55)
2.) Orientalist – Tron (Lemon8 Inner Sanctuary Mix) (5:55– 11:22)
3.) DJ Remy – Serious Damage (11:22 – 18:49)
4.) Lemon8 – Tunnelvision (18:49 – 23:47)
5.) Mark Shimmon vs. 3rd Degree – Interstella (Innervision Remix) (23:47 – 30:33)
6.) Dusted – Always Remember To Respect And Honour Your Mother (Paul van Dyk Remix) (30:33 – 36:32)
7.) Ben Sims – Remanipulated (Samuel L. Sessions Remix) (36:32 – 39:20)
8.) Oxia – Inspiration (39:20 – 43:33)
9.) Blue Noise – Gold (43:33 – 47:47)
10.) Nemesis – Frequency Modular (47:47 – 52:00)
11.) Andreas Kauffelt – Alternate (Michel de Hey Mix) (52:00 – 56:11)
12.) Ural 13 Diktators – Total Destruction (Johannes Heil Mix) (56:11 – 1:00:06)
13.) Michel de Hey vs. Literon – Hirogen (1:00:06 – 1:04:34)
14.) Player – Player One (1:04:34 – 1:08:03)
15.) Karuma – On Y Va (Silvio Ecomo Remix) (1:08:03 – 1:13:44)


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