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Let these stories inspire you, challenge you, move you, change your mind and expand your reality.


Live Today, Love Tomorrow, Unite Forever,…

Sing to the Tune of 10 Flowers

Are you warm of flowers as well as music? These flower tunes will bring you closer to nature and love.

Be True to Music and It Will Be True to You Forever

The short article takes you with what is called as waste of time by the society, however is a struggle for an artist to shine like a ruby. Admiration comes when you ultimately beat every person. The preliminary stage is primarily loaded with not so supportive people around. But, to stand apart, all you need to do is hold your ground as well as never ever surrender. It sure requires time, yet verifies its worth in the long run. Maintain a look at the points discussed in this short article and also nobody can stop you from being what you have always imagined.

Ten Classic Hits About Criminals On the Run

The rebirth of vinyl has not only allowed me to appreciate listening to some modern bands on document, yet it has actually also given me the possibility to review several of the albums I had not listened to in several years. A few of these I had actually forgotten in my youth, only to now locate the appealing in center age. One example is a release by Gary Wright, who got to as high as number two on the songs chart back in the mid seventies.

Arts & Expression

I’m not a fan of that word ‘entertainment’. It constantly appears as if that word implies that people are boring animals that need to constantly stimulated aesthetically or otherwise they weary and also wither away. So individuals need to be amused as well as promoted by the TELEVISION, the radio, the cinema screen and by artists.

10 Relaxing Rock Songs

In this post is noted 10 stress-free rock tracks. Rock songs is usually believed to be LOUD! However there is another side to the coin too. Keep reading to figure out.

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