Monstercat Instinct Vol. 7 (Album Mix)

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๐ŸŽน Tracklist
00:00 Grant – Wonโ€™t Give Up
01:39 Stonebank – Placebo
03:11 Stonebank x Nonsens – Placebo x Better [Monstercat Mashup]
03:58 Nonsens – Better
04:24 Fairlane, ROZES & JT Roach – Out Loud
06:27 Ellis – The Taste
07:55 Dexter King & Danyka Nadeau – Unbroken
09:08 Duumu & Meggie York – Never Had
10:46 Kaskade x Maazel – Solid Ground x Another Way [Monstercat Mashup]
12:05 Throttle – Cities (Acoustic)
14:12 inverness, Brandyn Burnette & Molly Moore – Good Feeling
15:18 Vindata x inverness, Brandyn Burnette & Molly Moore – Union x Good Feeling [Monstercat Mashup]
16:23 Vindata – Good 4 Me
18:04 Bishu x Terry Zhong – City (ft. Sophie Strauss) x Goodnight Stranger (ft. ไน ่ฐฑไบˆ Cheryl Xi) [Monstercat Mashup]
19:52 Feint – Do Better
21:32 Rameses B – Samurai
23:19 Vindata – Already Home (ft. Maurice Moore & JoiStaRR)
24:27 Rome in Silver & Tails – Forever
26:18 Vicetone & Allie X – Shadow
27:32 inverness, Anthony Russo & KANG DANIEL – State of Wonder
28:36 Subtact & She Is Jules – Bite
30:14 Rome in Silver – Skin (ft. Beach Season)
31:27 Bishu & Sรฉb Mont – Fall To Pieces
33:02 Slushii – All I Need
34:23 Maazel & glasscat – Right Now
35:40 Daktyl – Unspoken (ft. MOONZz)
37:11 More Plastic & Tylah Winyard – Midnight Train
38:08 Rogue – Empires
40:01 SMLE – Weightless (ft. Nick Smith)
41:38 CloudNone & Direct – Told U x Guilty Pleasures [Monstercat Mashup]
43:49 Bishu – Worst Behaviour (ft. Dani King)
45:17 BEAUZ & Dallas – Outerspace
46:42 Conro – luv(drunk)
48:34 Maazel – Thinking About You
50:26 Kaskade & WILL K – Flip Reset
51:57 Hoaprox & Haneri – Brighter Side
53:14 Vicetone – No Rest
54:50 Grant & RUNN – Fix It
56:13 Sabai – Memories (ft. Claire Ridgely)
57:30 Half an Orange – Simple Moneymaker (ft. ChillinDude)
58:24 Sabai – Million Days (ft. Hoang & Claire Ridgely) [Acoustic]
1:00:00 Naderi – Blink & You Will Cry (ft. Pauline Herr)
1:01:22 Tokyo Machine & Weird Genius – Last Summer (ft. Lights)
1:02:52 Bishu – Empty Promises (ft. Brock)
1:04:22 Vicetone – Somebody Like You (ft. Lena Leon)
1:05:33 Sabai, With Lรธve & RYYZN – I Need Ya
1:07:24 Kaskade – Closer
1:09:24 Trivecta – Ghost in the Machine

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