Overmono Mixmag Cover Mix

Overmono come through with a crunchy blend of breaks, bleeps and badness.
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“It’s been a difficult year for so many of us in different ways, but one positive is there’s been so much amazing music released. This mix has a few of our favourites from this year and some older tracks that resonate with us. To our ears there’s a common thread that links all the music we’re both into. It’s not always easy to pinpoint exactly what it is, but there’s generally some sort of tangible realness that we get sucked into. A bit like you can climb inside it or something and that’s kind of what we’re always looking for. Much love T & E x”​

Overmono – Untitled
Timecow & RTKal – Elephant Man
Orson – Toxic Waste
Pa Salieu – Betty
Overmono – Phosycon
Banshee – High Let Me Fly
Actress – Leaves Against the Sky
Kassem Mosse – Banken Im Nebel
Nidía – Nunun
Overmono – BMW Track
Overmono – Clipper
Johnny L – Piper (Overmono Remix)
Rosalía – A Palé (Overmono Edit)
E – Unity – Duo Road
Overmono – Everything U Need
Dj Crystl – Deep Space
Smerz – I don’t talk about that much
Dj Earl – Wrk Dat Body
Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing
Ed Rush & Nico – What’s Up
Orca – Intallect (Promised Land VIP)

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