R3hab & Sander Van Doorn “Phoenix” (Antonio Fresco Remix)

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Hey hope you like my remix of Phoenix by R3hab & Sander Van Doorn. The melody of the original track was something that instantly grabbed my attention, so I build a whole new track around that melody. I hope you like, if you do, be sure to hit that like button, and leave a comment.




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Reading Staff Notation on Guitar Is Like Keeping Track of Tribbles

Checking out team symbols on the guitar is a little like monitoring Tribbles. Just when you assumed you knew where the note “E” is, you discover it on an additional string, after that an additional. Guitar masters know there can be six or more ways to play any type of given pitch.

Slide Guitar

If you resemble me, there is a special place in your heart for slide guitar. It can be so dynamically expressive. The wording as well as stylistic strategy can be so various from what is normally done on the guitar, that it really opens a brand-new door or home window right into a new music globe.

Cyndi Lauper: A Singer Who Has Stood The Test of Time and Above All Is The Ultimate Storyteller

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Scales ARE Chords

So, I extremely usually see people stressing over ranges, as if that will make them any type of better, as well as other individuals evaluating those stressing over ranges saying things like ‘why do not you better invest your time learning something valuable like consistency or rhythm playing.’ Well, here’s things; they are the same thing. It isn’t even that they are very carefully connected or come from the very same roots, no. Ranges as well as chords are the EXACT same thing. Allow me explain:

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