Rākhis: electronic rock set in The Lab Goa

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Rākhis aka Shikhar Yuvraj Manchanda dons multiple hats as a musician, producer, Head of music at IncInk, a mixing engineer and founder at The Beast India Company. Out now is his debut 5 track EP ‘Bears Off The Leash’ – showcasing the dynamism of his signature sound through this highly anticipated release. The 5 tracks – Redneck, Assphault, Bassmama, Lonewolf and Proxy Moron are the culmination of all the sounds he has loved and played with over the years. Truly genre-fluid Rākhis is raw and original. A kind of wildness resides in his musicality. With a backbone made of metal and a vision that provokes and stimulates the mind’s eye, Rākhis is cinematic. He encourages us to expand our imagination, axe down repetition for day to day life and take the Bears Off The Leash!

Rākhis performs a mix of his previously released material and his recent IncInk Records release; EP Bears Off The Leash.

Rākhis is an anagram for Shikhar. It is a play on the word ruckus and that’s exactly what we get from this EP. Bears off the Leash is a culmination of analogue and digital sounds, some harmonious and some dissonant. These are soundscapes that Rākhis has created out of his beloved guitar with unconventional sounds, marrying live music with programmed sounds.

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