Russian DJ, producer and singer @Nina Kraviz from the Heineken Greener Bar in Milan. 🏎️

We partnered up with @Heineken and F1 to livestream an exclusive headline performance by Russian DJ, producer and singer @Nina Kraviz from the Heineken Greener Bar in Milan. 🏎️

What To Watch For When You Buy An Acoustic Guitar

Find out some important attributes to see for when you buy a guitar. Take the guess job out of this decision making process as well as follow a detailed strategy.

How to Buy a Beginner Violin

Getting a violin is practically considered an art for the violin fanatic. There are numerous elaborate information that comprise a great violin that it is very easy to obtain embeded the professional elements of the instrument. Many pupils just want a cost-effective alternative to start lessons. That’s what this article is everything about.

Have You Every Played the “Jumping Flea?”

A “jumping flea” seems like something to be prevented, right? Not if you are from Hawaii and like songs. You see the “jumping flea” is a nickname for the music instrument, the ukulele.

Do You Have Enough Discipline To Be A Musician?

Life teems with difficulties. One of the most engaging ones that strikes us rather very early is establishing the essential self self-control to cope. Are you encouraged that you have located the secret?

How To Get More From Your Acoustic Guitar Tuner

When I initially began playing the guitar I had actually been totally versus using an acoustic guitar tuner. This got on the basis that I could utilize my ears to find out pitch. It can additionally have been due to the fact that I had no money, however that is another tale. Nevertheless, what I found was that I was much more interested in playing as well as trying to compose tunes instead of the actual technicians of theory. A number of you will see where I am originating from with this and have either bought or remain in the process of acquiring a guitar receiver as opposed to trying to discover by ear.

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