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00:00 Carl Daylim feat. T’eira – Hand In Hand (Beat & Voice Extended Remix)
04:26 Corrie Theron – Inside of You (Extended Mix)
08:47 Cold Blue – Sunbird (Extended Mix)
14:21 Giuseppe Ottaviani & Lucid Blue – Be the Angel (Extended Mix)
19:10 Escea – Away (Extended Mix)
23:20 Shedona – Polkatorju (Extended Mix)
28:36 Dreamy & Daniel Kandi & Temple One – When You Saved My Life (Extended Mix)
34:37 Trance Classics & Fenna Day – Crossroad (Extended Mix)
38:58 Metta & Glyde – Heaven & Earth (Extended Mix)
44:41 Davey Asprey – Rebirth (Extended Mix)
49:33 Glynn Alan – DMR (Extended Mix)
55:40 Vassmo & That Girl – Letting Go (Extended Mix)
1:00:18 Ciaran McAuley – Tears Don’t Mean You’re Losing (Extended Mix)
1:04:22 Woody van Eyden & Rene Ablaze – Pure Magic (Sound of Coffee) (Extended Mix)
1:09:22 Ralphie B – Syfy (Extended Mix)
1:14:03 XiJaro & Pitch – Sic Parvis Magna (Extended Mix)

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