Uplifting & Vocal Trance Mix 2021 Ep. 34.

TranceForLife – 100% Trance, new and classic trance mixes
00:00 BT – Wildfire (Sean Tyas Extended Remix)
06:30 Christopher Corrigan – Ahimsa (Extended Mix)
11:30 UCast – Vavula (Abstract Vision Extended Remix)
15:57 Carl Daylim feat. T’eira – Here and Now (DJ T.H. Extended Remix)
20:00 BiXX – The Foundation (Extended Mix)
25:20 NG Rezonance – Liar (Extended Mix)
29:27 Generdyn feat. SVRCINA – Chosen (Ralphie B Remix)
35:12 Woody van Eyden & Cheryl Barnes – Salty Skin (Extended Mix)
40:23 Mario Moon & Dave AirmaX – Overnight (Extended Mix)
45:22 Airdream & Liquid Dream – Losing World (Original Mix)
50:00 Eric Senn – Don’t Look Back (Extended Mix)
54:42 Ralphie B & Frank Waanders – Valve (Extended Mix)
1:00:02 Susana & Raz Nitzan – Fall Into Trust (Extended Mix)

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