Verboten Berlin | Immersive Hybrid Live show | Bright Festival x @Beatport Live

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A never seen before hybrid event designed to celebrate the connection between digital art, lighting design & electronic music.

German electronic music meets Italian digital art in a never seen before show designed to celebrate the connection between cultures and countries through new languages of contemporary art.

Fourteen of the best Italian digital artists met up to design an extraordinary immersive art experience; an exciting path through #multimedia narratives and new #technologies, offering a complete overview of the most innovative styles and techniques in digital production.

The visuals are designed by professional digital artists in accordance with the performer’s music and style

The social distancing will be insinuated by projections of white circles on the floor 1.5 m in diameter and 1.5 m apart from each other.

One, two or three persons can sit down in each circle and enjoy the show, surrounded by the evocative digital environment. Circles will disappear after the audio-visual live show is started.

The show will be streamed online and internationally promoted by Bright Festival and Kunstkraftwerk, in collaboration with Beatport.

Institutional partners: Leipzig City, Denkzeit, Berlin leuchtet, HTWK, Leipzig ArtTrail.

The first show so far in which artists can play surrounded by people and digital environments, respecting safety regulations.

54 high-performance projectors, an IT cluster with 16 computer-servers and a sound system with 30 speakers offer a futuristic and immersive approach, making this venue one in a kind. All in all, 3,600 square meters of wall and floor space are covered in digital art. Kunstkraftwerk has been appointed as a Safe Museum by the local authorities applying technological measures and alternative access methods, designed to keep social distancing and to ensure a joyful experience

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