What Does the Future of NFTs Mean to You? | TMRW Conference 2022 x @Beatport Live

For the first time in Europe and the second time in the world! Welcome to a conference panel in the Metaverse!

Join us for the opening ceremony of TMRW conference 2022 in Belgrade followed by a special sessions with All.art & SolSea exploring Creator economies and NFTs of the future.

All.art&SolSea: Creator economies and NFTs of the future
Moderator: Vitomir Jevremović (@vrallart & @solsea_nft )
Chris Andersson (Lux VR Metaverse)
Léo Caillard (@leocaillard )
Tomo Vukasovic (@minersofmars )

Check out more from TMRW conference:

Saturday 14th May
RAVERSE: Can the Music Industry go into the Metaverse entirely?
Moderator: Martina Anđelković (Metarun and EXIT Associate)
Maria May (CAA)
Maceo Plex (Ellum Audio)
Dušan Kovačević (Exit)
James Sutcliffe (Pixelynx)

Saturday 14th May
EXIT the Metaverse w/ Maceo Plex

See you in Metaverse!

From 13 -15 May Beatport links up with Tomorrow Conference – Europe’s biggest NFT / crypto / Metaverse taking place at the Belexpocentar Belgrade.

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